Welcome to Finance and Fury, the Say What Wednesday edition. This weeks question comes from Scott in Texas.

“Thank you for your steady course on the social and resultant economic collapse from Govt reaction to the covid 19 virus. I am just as dismayed as you that we, in a democracy, are letting our lives be dictated to by a small majority of politicians using fear to control the masses. The math of who gets the virus and death rates just do not justify the controlling measures happening all around us. I keep asking myself, who is profiting and how are they pulling the puppet strings of control???”


This is an amazing question – and one personally I have been looking into for the past few months

  1. So many levels to this – As the saying goes- never let a crisis go to waste – and is very applicable now – many different organisations and groups that are gaining some benefit from this – either additional profits, additional influence or legislative control – you can disagree about the motives all that you want – but the end result is the same – the public has lost a lot of personal freedoms – whether people are willing admit it or not – whether it is for your protection or just a cycle through history repeating – doesn’t matter
    1. The narrative that this is the new normal – that the governments get to determine our freedom of association and social behaviours
  2. We will go through those profiting out of this – along with those enforcing the control and benefiting out of this economic collapse –
    1. but also how to identify the same pattern – what we can do to avoid falling prey to this same repeating cycle through history – as they have been happening for thousands of years – it is just the education on the historical events where these same patterns play out is completely void unless you take time to look


When it comes to this in quick summary of how it plays out before going deeper into it –

  1. First step is to have an argument by authority made – you need some justification
  2. The next step is having the public opinion on your side –
    1. This is done through a number of ways – First step is to create hype or sensation around an event –
    2. But the most important is to use the argument by authority to instil fear – do as we say or bad things will happen
  3. The next step is the enforcement – through legislative means in conjunction with punitive fines as a method of enforcement
    1. These three steps all happen in such quick succession that I wouldn’t really call them steps – but simultaneous actions that don’t work without one or the other – but helps to break them down to explain
  4. Final step is the normalisation – this is one of the more important parts – as once legislation passes – and it becomes the new normal – it allows additional control in perpetuity


How are they pulling the puppet string – Where did the initial modelling and recommendations come from for shut downs –

  1. Very rational came from the Imperial College COVID-19 Response team – along with the WHO Collaborating Centre for Infectious Disease Modelling – built models based around the assumption of this being the most serious respiratory virus since the 1918 influenzas – modelled deaths if nothing was done, versus if we shut everything down – this is your argument by authority
    1. Problem with modelling – all assumption based and working off inaccurate data – but the whole flattening the curve narrative is build around the modelling from this –
    2. But other Drs, virologists and epidemiologists have come out that the flattening of the curve prolongs the spread and creates more deaths in total due to the time span – no way to be sure – but what we can look at is the modelling
    3. Dr Knut Wittkowski – Former Head of the Dept. of research and design & Biostatistics – Rockefeller University – models are worthless – if your inputs for models are flawed – the outputs will be off by orders of magnitude – “from the very beginning I never believed in them, because it didn’t make any sense. They have put out models with no relation to reality and then you can prove anything you want, or even the opposite. We have no idea what these models are based on, I can see no information on what these models were built around beyond that they started with M and ended in Odel. No or very few epidemiologists were ever consulted, it was all virologists and they aren’t trained or really understand the concept of complex non-linear systems that drive epidemics and that you have to incorporate this in your thinking to make sense of the data’
      1. It reminds me of the climate change modelling – where no negative feedback loops were incorporated into the models – hence you get linear growth in temperature – but the climate is as complex as the human body – it is a complex non-linear system – which models built around basic assumptions will be orders of magnitude off on
      2. Yet – the whole world had to be shut down and enforced through Government decree – based around this flawed modelling
    4. Side note – done many episodes on a trauma-based society – and how control is implemented from there –
      1. Episode was called – Never let a crisis go to waste – Why to watch out for proposed economic solutions after a financial collapse – Danger of Authority figures – Milgram experiments – The Milgram experiment on obedience to authority figures- in particular – those wearing a white lab coat – they don’t even need to be a scientist as long as they claim to be one – but scientists – again – only the ones that fit in with this being the worst threat humanity faces – beyond the other scientists that say man made global warming is the worst threat humans face – but when it comes to Covid – I have found just as many leading scientists and experts who say that it is nothing worst than the common flu – who do you believe? This is the hard part – but the governments and media sure have selected the ones that they believe
    5. There is a pattern here – same scam that has been perpetrated on the public for thousands of years –
      1. Do what we tell you or everyone will die – goes along those lines
      2. Back in the ancient Mayan days – the priest class knew exactly when a solar eclipse was coming – Maya Calendar can still predict solar eclipses to this day – the ruling class used to convince the citizens that next week the snake god Kukulkan was going to swallow the sun and we are all going to die – unless we perform these rituals to protect you – if we don’t do this ritual then the sun will be gone forever and we are all going to die – lone and behold – the next week comes around the solar eclipse starts – rituals start and the snake god lets go of the sun and the rulers say ‘look, we saved you’
      3. I know this sounds ridiculous – as it is – but is it any more ridiculous to worship models with no base to reality? To trust with impunity what the experts tell us without actually looking ourselves?
    6. Today – the rituals are the shutting down of the economy and social distancing – and the priest class are these scientific models


The next step of getting the population to consent – If the first step has been done correctly – this step become easier

  1. This step is all about having the public opinion on your side – done through using the argument by authority in conjunction with public figures and the media spreading it
    1. This is done through a number of ways – First step is to create hype or sensation around an event –
    2. But the most important is to use the argument by authority to instil fear – do as we say or bad things will happen
  2. Fear – fear is the key driver of population consent – people will give away freedoms for safety
  3. Last week – went through numbers being used as justification for these lock downs –
    1. These numbers sound very scary – like NYC with deaths now jumping above 10k deaths – but this was in a revised count – ‘revised’ as this toll now included 3,778 people who were not even tested for covid19 but were to presumed to have died from it – could have been anything but due to having
    2. Ask yourself the question – why try to inflate the numbers? Honestly, why? Even the Governor was playing into this – along with the next story
  4. Also in NYC – the mass graves in Heart island – where media was reporting inmates buying coffins in mass graves – but no context was given – is this unprecedented? It sounds bad – implying NYC had run out of graves due to so many people dying
    1. First – practice has been occurring for 151 years – as since 1869 prison labour has been used to bury unclaimed or unidentified New Yorkers– even since 1980 – 68,955 people have been buried there in mass graves by inmates around 33 per week
    2. But these numbers have gone up recently – are there more people dying? Or did NY change the time to claim a body from 30 days to 2 weeks – well they did – in a time travel restrictions and limitations on funerals have been enforced – so these same statistics cannot be reliably used as a comparison
    3. Due to the changing of measurements or benchmarks being used – and also giving these numbers out of context – they are seeming scary – even in deaths in Italy, Ireland and Germany – but the official reports do say that if someone has corona and dies – they will be added to corona deaths
    4. All of this makes the problem seem much worse than it is – went through the testing – not actually testing for a virus – just RNA sequence which can lead to false positives due to massive error – even with the PT PCR tests – amplify results – one tiny spec of any RNA sequence in cells that look to fight off any injury to a cell – it is Covid19 positive- again – why?
      1. But scientists are confused that people who have recovered are still testing positive – or testing positive twice? Either this virus acts like none other ever seen – or the tests are flawed
    5. When it comes to public figures – no shortage of celebrities – dying on the inside of lack of attention – doing posts of singing imagine to remain relevant

The final step is the enforcement – through legislative means in conjunction with punitive fines as a method of enforcement

  1. Saw an article about how the QLD Gov made $1m over a weekend in fines –
    1. I was thinking about this – in a time where people are losing jobs and incomes – but yet having to get finned
    2. Heard lots of good stories about police officers – there are a lot of good ones out there – because they are people –
    3. That is what can be lost in having an us v them mentality – they are given a job to do and have to do it – many of us are given jobs to do but don’t want to do them
    4. But the ones enforcing this are the Governments – when it comes to enforcement – recent example in Germany – Beate Bahner – she is medical lawyer published a press release on April 3rd decrying the German lockdown laws as “flagrantly unconstitutional, infringing to an unprecedented extent many of the fundamental rights of citizens. These measures are not justified by the Infection Prevention Act, hurriedly amended just a few days ago. Long-term restrictions on leaving home and meeting others, based on high-death-rate modelled scenarios, which fail to take account of actual critical expert opinions, and the complete shutdown of businesses and shops with no proof that they pose any risk of infection, are thoroughly unlawful.”
    5. She called for a nationwide protest on Easter Sunday to “end the tyranny at once,” before Heidelberg Police announced that they would seek to prosecute her for inciting Germans to break the law. Then – she was arrested and taken to a psychiatric ward- as obviously she was unsound in mind to question these government imposed shut downs – if this doesn’t raise some questions or concern about Governments to you –
    6. and how governments have complete control – For those few keyboard warriors reviewing the podcast or sending emails saying that you think I was crazy and talking about big brother – that is purely due to the fact they are ignorant to what Governments have the power to do –
      1. Like wanting to track their very movement at every second – can listen into conversations – all for your protection of course – remember – based on historical president – in every case that these bits of legislation get passes – they never go away – if someone can point me in the direction of one bit of additional governmental control that got implemented in an emergency – for it to all of a sudden be revoked once the emergency is over – please do so – even monetarily – the ‘emergency’ measures from the GFC the Fed implemented were still going on just prior to this pandemic
      2. Also – just don’t say that I am wrong or am conspiratorial – tell me how – I want to learn – might do you some good to put your own thoughts to paper – put 1,000 words together with a coherent argument
    7. But remember – a lot of this is a choice – you don’t have to download the app to track you at every second
  2. The normalisation phase – normalising is an easy process – make something a habit – have the enforcement of human behaviours go on for a month or two and becomes ingrained as a habit for people


Who is profiting – Quick summary – go through economic side more on Friday

  1. Hospitals – in the US through Medicare payments – went through this in last FF episode
  2. Governments through having the ability to raise additional funds through debt – not there money to pay back
    1. State police through additional fines – always keep your enforcement arms well funded and able to pay them
  3. Large companies are profiting –
    1. Also pharmaceuticals – the race for a vaccine is on – and the winner stands to make billions
    2. With no legal liability – even when Baxter was caught and admitted to having live strains of the bird flu in their vaccines in 2009 – which would just give people the illness – no legal liability
  4. But when it comes to the monetary system – profits mean nothing when you can print money – control and influence over the economy – which remember is us – is what matters – we will go through that further this Friday


Summary – no way to tell who exactly is pulling the strings – but it doesn’t matter – the effects are real –

  1. But our own governments are the ones enforcing it – and benefiting from it – along with the financial system –
    1. Using manipulated data as control and hyping the fear around this beyond what would be credible if the data was even trying to be honest
  2. Smoke and mirrors – the economy was already pretty stuffed – have been talking about that for the past 18 months
  3. It is a good out – to take advantage of the fear of a virus whilst you pull the pin on a mess that was created by monetary policies in the first place –

Thank you for listening to today’s episode. If you want to get in contact you can do so here: http://financeandfury.com.au/contact/

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