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Today we start discussing the SDGs in relation to The economy

– few SDGs this relates to

  1. Go through each in detail in separate episodes – but this ep is an overview into how deep this goes. UN goals as part of Agenda 2030 – Quick list of these –
    1. SDG 8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth
    2. SDG 9 – Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
    3. SDG 10 – Reducing Inequality
    4. SDG 12 – Responsible consumption and production
    5. SDG 17 – Partnerships for the Goals – Companies come into it

Before we start breaking down each of these next episodes –

Question: what do Smart Criminals do?

Answer: never commit more than one major crime at a time

  1. Why? Chance of getting caught for both goes up exponentially – Similar for Gov Policy
    1. if change is made at once – if you saw the true end game of these policies – hint – another forced reindustrialisation like each of the programs done by Stalin and Mao – nobody would want this –
  2. But do it bit by bit, by bit, all through legislation that isn’t reported on –
    1. One day you wake up and even if you are a stay at home parent, you now fall under labour laws as ‘paid work’ – actually, one of the recommendations run through in another ep –
    2. Forced to work for one of the big companies as no small businesses will be left to remain as they can’t compete under the circular economic models designed by the likes of Google (who is also helping design the cities as part of SDG 11) –
  3. Implementation of these – all being done separately at different times over the next 10 years – along with last 20 (MDGs)
    1. All done to change behaviours – make cultures adapt through media and education (people first)
    2. Then politically and economically


The questions that nobody asks – in a Democracy – where are the things people are asking for coming from?

  1. Does everyone wake up one day with no influences and vote for one thing? Or are our wants influenced by external forces? Listened to the last few FF eps, you know where I lean – likely on the side of influence – statistically – the probability of other is low – Historically true as well – when propaganda isn’t present – hard to have population think same things in mass
    1. Modern democracy – places like the UN are influencing people on what they want – Who doesn’t want free money? But they never then ask where does it come from? Or what is the cost?
  2. The question nobody is asking – why are we (Australia) responsible for reducing inequality in Indonesia? That is what SDG 10 wants – Global inequality
  3. Why is the UN with the IMF printing trillions per year, along with taxing Australians and using Industry super fund money in the hundreds of billions to give to counties for them to combat climate change – Foreign aid programs as well
  4. Now – under true democracy – those who don’t want Australia to suffer lower wage growth, higher taxes and higher costs of livings (energy prices) may not want these policies to fight a boogy man – with no projected outcomes for the impact on climate change or the impacts of how this will help the economy
    1. If the Greens really want to fight climate change – set up a charity – take donations to do it –
    2. My guess is that it wouldn’t get much in the way of funding needed – always wanting to use other people’s money and not their own – the irony of socialist policies – needing the Government to control and enforce laws on people based around perceived moral hierarchy
  5. But the perception here is that money is unlimited – Aus has all the money in the world
    1. Only reason that people don’t want to help is they are mean and want to hurt others –
    2. The way our country and most first-world nations has been run for a while now – not working out so well – due to the frivolous government spending and getting into more debts – they need to keep interest rates low as well – while we suffer for some Global Government’s agenda –
    3. Nobody voted in the UN to fix our economy – as that has to be done locally
    4. Especially when their way of fixing our economy is by reducing inequality between countries – part of SDG 10 – ‘Reduce income inequality within and among countries’
  6. Those saying it is unfair that AUS has higher standards of living than other developing countries will have their wish come true – they will too be living on a few dollars a day if the UN gets their wish
    1. Only way to reduce inequality is through cutting everyone’s incomes down and through redistribution within borders but also across them now – Has to be done through behavioral controls and treating everyone like ants – all a cog in the wheel


We aren’t insects though

– Humans are mammals – like all mammals, they work in a hierarchy – very complex one compared to other mammal groups – social-sexual hierarchy – alpha, delta, gamma, sigmas, omegas, etc.

  1. structures always going to be inequality – physically, mentally, financially – through choices within the hierarchy
  2. People think Alpha is coolest – well in tribal times – not a long-life span – died a lot protecting the group
  3. Alpha in monkeys or wolves – not just the biggest but those who care for those under them – 2 mid apes beat one big one


Our apparent alphas or leaders of society

– Apparently the UN and politicians tell us they are – to trust them

  • Do politicians care? We know about getting re-elected – and enriching themselves from taking cash in paper bags from Chinese Gov like we are seeing what seems like almost every month another politician is found out for this
    1. Would they fight for our best interest? Die like an alpha in a wolf pack? Or in tribal times? Normally send others to fight wars in their stead – so haven’t got good track records – some have provided services – some I have met I think do care – but minority and getting smaller
  • But back to the question – How well does equality work among wolves/dog packs? Doesn’t work well as it isn’t natural
    1. But Insects are different – ants, bees – hive creates a class system – where one million deaths is a statistic
    2. Differences between classical liberalism and free markets, to communism and socialism – how humans are viewed
    3. Global Governments (communist design back in the 60s – world commie revolution) – Tried to turn a wolf pack into a colony of ants split between the queen, soldiers and then worker ants – class society
  • We are very adaptive – so it worked – and Think we are evolved way beyond animals? We are better? What is the most popular media? Action movie – lots of violence- movies like Saw –
    1. Fake pain – what was the most popular form of entertainment just a few hundred years ago? Public executions and torture – biggest in history was mid-18th century in Paris – hundreds of thousands in 1757 – wasn’t beheading – full works – Robert-François Damiens – google paris executions 1757 if you want to know – puts game of thrones to shame
    2. people weren’t afraid by now – conditioned culturally – took popcorn – go back to Roman Days – gladiators – we just have a thin vial – just fakes – same part of brain is engaged – some cultures – public beheadings still occurring- seems normal to them – are we so different deep down?
      1. One of the most popular books and subsequent movie series – Hunger Games – kids killing each other – rip off of Japanese Battle Royal – even Arnie classic of Running man – all depict future societies where this is done –
    3. If we were born in those times – we would likely be trying to push our way to fronts of crowds like the 10s of thousands
      1. Humans are very adaptive – especially culturally – the state was doing the executions – made a spectacle – put fear into others but also make it entertaining – If society slowly shifted to hunger games- un as the capital – while the resource-based UN economic of the districts exist – we would adapt
      2. What makes us so culturally adaptable – Difference – linguistics – Storytelling – also lying and false information
  • Animals have emotions – see my dog sulk when she gets scolded for dragging pot plants around and chewing on the trees
    1. We can be emotionally manipulated through linguistics – what separates us from animals can put us back to insects –
    2. Economically – controlled through emotions and rhetorical statements – fairness – well – politicians take life long pensions of salary from taxpayers – is that fair? Julia Gillard gets about $500k a year on top of whatever salary she is getting – is that fair?
    3. Important to remember – government shouldn’t be involved in economics to the extent there are – beyond any rational controls – it is just population and behaviours controls disguised as economics
    4. Thaler and Sunstein – Behaviours economics – coined ‘choice architecture’ – like book title of Nudge – know how to manipulate people through choice architecture = get people to join 401k plans in the USA from 30% to over 90% from opting in to opting out – same thing can be done on masses to the population without you knowing it
    5. We are social creates – want to fit in – so when everyone is crying for equality (or we think that they are) as the media misrepresents the masses – we will follow the minority and that becomes a voting majority after a while – things take times
  • Trouble is with humans – are adaptive – adapt to behavioural controls and revolt – UN tries to treat people like ants – but we aren’t –
    1. But they still try – but very slowly – still – while they can never be truly successful long term – still annoying keep trying and what society looks like when one controlling government gets the way – look at the socialism/communism eps I have gone through for how that happens and the situations that create cannibalism
    2. Still, they try – one bit of legislation over time – Never commit more than one criminal act at a time if you are smart – dumb criminals go rob a car, steal more stuff, go on a crime spree and are caught – and charged for all


Why it is so hard to actually put this series together?

– so much to research and try to fit into episodes – thanks for having patience

  • But the plan for the UN in regards to reforming and reindustrialising the world economy is to create a class of insects
  • All class based – but very clearly disguised in pages of legislation –
    1. Why race is being so popularised – to distract from the classes – but eventually people adapt – the term nazi or racist or fascist lose their power –
    2. Middle class is shrinking – American middle class is now the minority – amazing stat – same around 1st world countries
  • You know the one thing that every society that has had torture and executions on display has to do with one another? Worked under Monachal/dictator societies with classes – where people are treated like ants
    1. Even Rome – wasn’t until under empire rule and dictators like Nero or Caligula that things got crazy
      1. But giving the people what they grew accustom too – when the last guy has 300 lions in one day, you want 400
      2. But the more control – quicker until society and empires collapse – humans are hierarchical – break out of the ant models eventually
    2. What allowed people to watch these events? Dehumanisation – when a group is dehumanised/made the enemy – people justify atrocities being carried out
    3. UN today – Told where to live, what they can eat, what they can buy and at what price, where they work, how many kids they have – that is exactly what is in the SDGs
      1. Groups that don’t do it – dehumanised – anyone who has read how Pol Pot, or any other dictator like Stalin and his 25,000ers acted towards the others – know what I am talking about
    4. But UN SDGs – These are all population control mechanisms – people are adaptive and change behaviours to legislative policy –
      1. Due to enforcement or coercion – also – chance in a group to dehumanise another

What we will look at over the next few eps

– The methods of legislation that leave little choice in anything you can do

  1. Episodes to run through over next few weeks in FF
    1. SDG 8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth
      1. core is to try keep the debt-based economy going – SDRs spending massive amounts of money on the next great social program – some referred to it as the great leap forward – create higher inflation again, then inflate the current debts away over time – also is the next step in a one-world currency – if they gain legitimacy and become the global reserve currency like China and Russia want
      2. Growth driven by debt – FDR style Also helping to fuel growth through marginal increases in consumption and property growth
  • Also – Create further urbanisation – cities grow while rural shrink (% of population) – population growth from immigration
    1. Joins up with SDG11 – go through in next section on cities, mobility, and energy
  1. SDG 9 – Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
    1. Next is to drive growth through reindustrialisation – global infrastructure works and climate change action –
    2. Run through the use of pension funds for infrastructure spending and the mass employment for the reindustrialisation
    3. Build to rent is part of this
  1. SDG 10 – Reducing Inequality
    1. Look at how increasing ‘aid’ for trade – sending money from Australia to developing countries so they can start to outcompete us – go through how David Ricardo theory of comparative advantage fails when tech and capital move to labour countries = they have complete advantages – we used to have Tech and Cap, but not in global economy
  2. SDG 12 – Responsible consumption and production
    1. Circular economy – how what we are allowed to buy and who can produce it will be controlled by meeting quotas and standards set by the UN – Ties into the last part of the economy of Partnerships
  3. SDG 17 – Partnerships for the Goals – Companies come into it – ones providing these recommendations – e.g. KPMG cashless
    1. The next part is to merge Governments and companies – Fascism 101 – but only approved companies – create a completely controlled economy –
    2. Then look at how this would destroy domestic competition to smaller companies – Especially in developing or 3rd world countries – interesting transition of any economy out of poverty – that is cloth and textile production – big claim – so deserves its own ep – but all 1st world or developing nations have followed similar trends over past 500 years – China/Vietnam more recently – so having the ability to limit this with ‘flooding Africa’ with our good will bins put them out of any chance of economic upwards mobility
  4. I know that if you personally haven’t read the SDGs in a lot of detail – is a big claim – May think this is a cynical outlook – only cynical cause what has been done isn’t working, so different approach is needed – MDGs now SDGs
    1. Im Actually optimistic – more this becomes part of the public knowledge the sooner as a population Politician’s capitulate to the voters and move away from the track they are on – which will be covered in upcoming eps
    2. Appreciate it if you could share this around – help to at least see another side to this plan – like what was people were sold in Das Capital – sounds good in theory but the application and how of the what can truly turn out to be hell

Thanks for listening, if you want to get in contact you can here


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