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There is almost no financial education at any level of the schooling system. Unless you teach yourself, or someone else does, it is almost impossible to completely understand personal finances or investments. This has created a problem where something that we all rely on very heavily has become misunderstood, and underutilised.

We will all encounter money at some point in our lives, or pay taxes, so why not do everything possible to maximise the former and minimise the latter?

Though I have been teaching a scaled-down version of this course for a few years now, providing this online gives everyone access plus, and allows for an unlimited scope on what content and tools to include.
I want to create a platform with everything you will need to know, or may ever want to know. Plus, tools that go along with each topic to put your newfound knowledge to use.

By the end, we hope to give you the ability to create and implement a plan, then progress towards financial independence.

…We’re just ironing out the last few details before releasing the course online, so stay tuned, there’s much more to come soon.

Louis Strange

Louis Strange

Course Creator & Instructor


Online Course Launching Soon

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