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Last week – went over partnership programs and potentials for coercive monopolies – today – implementation of policies in the circular economy – SDG12

Today’s ep – go through google and the largest companies on earth will determine how we produce and consume – or how they want us to produce and consume – all to benefit their own pockets and the global government they back – under the climate change guise

  1. These companies are the ones in charge of providing the recommendations for pilot programs for the ‘circular economy’
    1. Circular economy will destroy the modern economy – it is built on consumption – Economists like Krugman can’t have it both ways – they say consumption is the key driver – I say it is innovation and supply-side
    2. They say this will create growth – but this will do the opposite – reduce innovation
    3. Stop and pause for a minute – want to ask if hypocrisy exists in climate strikes and proponents of warming


Honest question- are you terrified of the future? If so, why?

  1. I am super hopeful – never been a better time to be alive – but listen to the media or Gretta with the UN and you will think that you will die in 10 years.
    1. If you think that – what is the point to anything? You might happily let google take over your life and dictate to you how to live – or not save or invest for your future, have kids, look after your own lives
  2. As I am hopeful – I do these episodes as a warning about the other angle that Google won’t tell you – that these prophecies are what google is wanting for your future – the fear of it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy – why?
    1. You are afraid – want security – the same people who made you afraid come along and say ‘we can protect you’ and give you the easy way out – the Faustian deal – that is why I do these eps – not to pile on to the fear – but show how the so-called solutions are the Faustian deal that will guarantee us the future that everyone is so afraid of – don’t fall for the fear trap
    2. If you are newer to the podcast – covered climate ad nauseam – links to episodes where the science is covered and arguments in the show notes on the website
  3. This is a socialist political movement – like all watermelons – wrapped in green but red on the inside – control of the economy under any guise has been the MO – the climate is the new angle
    1. Greta’s parents – Swedish singer and author – out wearing antifa shirts – where the self-labelled anti-fascists act like the brown shirt fascists of the 20th century – Dad wrote two books about climate change – parents profiting and using kids
    2. Greta filed a legal complaint accusing five countries of inaction on global warming in violation of the 30-year-old UN Convention on the Rights of a Child. Germany, France, Brazil, Argentina and Turkey – Suing France and Western nations (for climate change, but not China or India?) Why? It is politically motivated
  4. Today’s kids – one’s protesting – first ones with constant screen time as entertainment – don’t ride bikes or get bus to school, but are dropped off in cars (making traffic worse), every classroom has to have aircon and computers, wanting the new iPhone every year or laptops in every class to stay trendy
    1. For the protests – making signs using cardboard and wood, using toxic paints and markers that when disposed are damaging to the environment, look at the photos of the aftermaths of the protests – litter and rubbish everywhere – they can’t even clean up after themselves – given away agency to a higher power – daddy Gov and companies
      1. Anti-antiestablishment – the counter-counter-revolutionaries wanting bigger governments and socialism
    2. Rather than striking, I remember as a kid going out and planting trees and doing world rubbish pickup days every year – actually doing something rather than just yelling at others to do it for me while sitting in aircon, eating processed fast food and watching a movie with all the lights on in the house
  5. These same kids under the circular economy – monopolistic competition – won’t be so happy – level of conspicuous consumption will go down – costs go up, so either parent’s cop it putting further strain on family budgets, or kids go without – either unacceptable for the screechers – like in NSW – one of the child organisers is the kids of labours head speechwriters – ABC didn’t report that


What is it? – A circular economy is an economic system aimed at minimizing waste and making the most of resources

Sounds awesome – how? An economy that feeds the top companies and makes any new entrant impossible – you have to be in the club to produce and sell – called a closed-loop system – completely demand-side driven

  1. 2019 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos estimates that only 9% of the global economy is circular today
    1. They admit that the problem is they cannot know in advance what will work and what will not for the circular economy
      1. At least they admit it – unlike central banks working off models back when gold-backed money
    2. Instead, have to try out different solutions and scale up what works – this is what they call innovation
    3. Innovation – does not only mean scientific research and shiny new technologies: just the ways they set the rules of the game – instead of looking to create the right incentives – pilot programs will focus on enforcement
  2. Whenever you hear innovation – they are talking about changing policy – coercive policy to produce the desired outcome
    1. “The circular economy is a compulsory choice for a sustainable world” said UNECE Executive Secretary – done by “speaking the language of the people we want to convince” – hence under the guise of climate change – for economic control
    2. Global business has a key role to play in moving from a global economy based upon ‘take-make-dispose’ to one based on designing waste out of systems. Google believes in the democratising effect of putting knowledge in the hands of everyone – so they’re organising the world’s information and making it universally accessible.


A circular economy – an economic system aimed at eliminating waste and the continual use of resources.

Circular systems employ reuse, sharing, repair, refurbishment, remanufacturing and recycling to create a closed system

  1. Proponents of the circular economy suggest that a sustainable world does not mean a drop in the quality of life for consumers, and can be achieved without loss of revenue or extra costs for manufacturers – but don’t look for evidence – none out there to find – so just trust them
    1. These companies say that the circular business models can be as profitable as linear models, allowing us to keep enjoying similar products and services – but under monopolistic markets with reduced competition and innovation
    2. True for the likes of Google and Unilever – but not for mom and pops store or any other small business
    3. Costs to companies will go up – so wage growth will experience downward pressure –
  2. Project mainstream – Name of the Circular economy implementation – wants to gain commitment from key stakeholders, establish proof of concept of the economic and environmental benefits of a circular economy through targeted programmes, and reach tipping points that will accelerate the transition, thereby establishing the circular economy as the new norm.
  3. The circular economy includes products, infrastructure, equipment and services, and applies to every industry sector.
    1. ‘technical’ resources (metals, minerals, energy resources)
    2. ‘biological’ resources (food, fibres, timber, etc) – Circular economy on food – eco-cannibalism – organ donor your body for food consumption
    3. Major circular economy model is the implementation of renting models in over traditional ownership
      1. Why own your own electronics, clothes, furniture, transportation – just rent these same products
      2. This is where the revenues to the monopoly providers increase – manufacturers can increase revenues per unit, thus decreasing the need to produce more to increase revenues (this is from Project mainstream)
    4. Recycling initiatives are often described as a circular economy and are likely to be the most widespread models
    5. Includes discussion of the role of money and finance as part of the wider debate -needs a revamp of economic performance measurement tools
  4. Outcome – better be worth it – Claims this could help multinationals save US$ 500 million in materials and prevent 100 million tonnes of waste globally – sounds like a lot
    1. Current is over 2bn tons of waste – Only 1/3 in high-income countries – so save 5% of global waste in return for coercive state-sanctioned/sponsored monopolies – this is only a promise – not a guarantee that the waste will be reduced
      1. They admit they don’t know what the outcome will be – but will let the state take over the economy hoping for this outcome
    2. But it sounds like every socialists work program – massive industrialisation – It is a global socialist initiate – really think about it – Even current relying models run by the state/companies – no transparency
  5. Implementation – Punitive, not incentive – Carbon tax etc. – what happens when you are punished rather than incentivised? You leave – companies more to other nations without the punishment
    1. Truth is – this is in the benefit for the massive companies who can participate in this
    2. For you – Limit your choices – to consume and who you are employed by –
    3. Reduce the new innovation for everyone else – not currently in power to control the economy


Google’s role – One of the major parties working with the UN for the circular economy – the job is to push group think on subjects like circular economy

  1. What this means for the future – an enclosed controlled system – determined by Google and their ilk – that makes Skynet looks amateur in comparison
    1. Google has come a long way from “don’t be evil” as their motto – monopoly over technology, wholly dedicated to the suppression of human knowledge through censorship, demonetization and de-platforming of any information sources they don’t like.
      1. Blocked nearly all websites offering information on natural health and holistic medicine while blocking all videos and web pages that question the scientific topics like climate change, pesticides and GMOs – Google is a front for Big Pharma and communist China and has already demonstrated the ability to manipulate elections to install the politicians they want – like Facebook – said they can be trusted with your data – that turned out to be a lie
      2. Recent news – have quantum processor – took 200 seconds to complete a computing task that would normally require 10,000 years on a supercomputer – Bitcoin’s 256-bit encryption is vulnerable – might be why prices dropped in past few days – has the technology to break all cryptography and achieve “omniscience” in our modern technological society – be everywhere at once – even their initial seed funding came from an offshoot of in-q tel – DARPA/CIA funding arm


Other companies – 10 in total – one major player in each area in the economy – Clothing, packaging, food, chemicals, medical, transport, construction, etc.

  • Clothing – H&M Group – Exploring solutions to create a closed-loop for textiles, where unwanted clothes can be recycled into new ones.
    1. Setting sustainability targets for a circular fashion industry within planetary boundaries using a science-based approach.
    2. Applying circular economy principles to its sustainability strategies, both for commercial and non-commercial goods, such as packaging.
  • Finance and Modelling – Intesa Sanpaolo – “intend to foster and disseminate the circular economy principles not only for the international corporates and large companies but also for the small and medium-sized enterprises – which is the main focus of our commitment – enhancing companies’ resilience and changing their business models”
    1. Talking to a friend about this – he said doesn’t the banking system already have this – Reserve banks and barriers to entry to start your own bank like back in the day where there was a family owned bank on every corner – I said yes – and look at the mess of the global financial system – now imagine that in 50 years in the whole economy/goods/services
  • We can all agree that pollution is bad -we want to help work towards a cleaner’s future and be more energy efficient
  • If people are worried about energy – tune in for next episode – think it may blow your minds – Talk about the control of resources – and why nuclear is so demonised and dismissed – has nothing to do with radiation – what one of the leading nuclear scientists has lectured about – Galen Windsor – live on stage eaten Uranium oxide – used in nuclear fuel rods in nuclear reactors – has done it in every lecture for years – never had cancer or radiation poisoning – watch videos of him with a giga counter – it is mind gravy stuff – may be hard to accept – but can watch him do it on youtube
    1. I spent about 20 hours over the past few weeks researching this further – let alone hundreds over past few years
    2. We could have 0 CO2 emissions years ago if not for Government regulations – rather than go for the easy option of Nuclear – they want more regulations in the opposite direction – all about control
  • My role is just to provide you the info – what you do is up to you – I’ll leave a link to an hour and a half lecture he gives on this in show notes, and page to the partnership programs for the circular economy


Climate Change episodes –







Galen Windsor – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMqHTbXm3rs&t=4427s


Project Mainstream – https://www.ellenmacarthurfoundation.org/our-story/partners

Thank you for listening today, if you want to get in contact you can here https://financeandfury.com.au/contact/



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