We break financial independence into simple, manageable pieces

What does F.U.R.Y Independence mean?

inancial Understanding and Responsibility, Yields independence!

Financial Understanding is knowing exactly what to do with your finances, and why!

Many financial problems come from misunderstanding.

  • Misunderstanding how things work, or not knowing the long-term implications of decisions made in the present.
  • Misunderstanding the reality of your finances. This will lead to problems. After all, you live in the real world and reality is not forgiving.

Another misunderstanding is what independence actually looks like! If you aren’t clear on this crucial element, then you might be aiming in the wrong direction. Or worse still, you may have nothing to aim towards at all. We are limited in our knowledge, but at the very least having something to aim towards provides impetus and a framework. Knowledge and aim go so hand. But when anything can be everything, where do you start?

The more focused the goal, the more specific your knowledge needs to be:

Financial Understanding = Aim and Knowledge

Something to aim towards & the knowledge to get you there.

But nobody is going to make you financially independent‚Ķ. except you. Financial Responsibility is acting independently and making your own financial decisions, eventually reaching financial independence. Realising you are responsible for your choices means that you are the person responsible for your financial independence. This can be a frightening thought at first as that would mean nobody is keeping you from financial independence, except you. But the quicker you take control of the journey the more prosperous the destination may turn out to be. Having the ability to make the correct choice [and more importantly, following through] is the second factor of financial responsibility.

The better your ability to make correct choices consistently, the more likely you will be to reach financial independence. The journey to financial independence is paved with one correct choice after the other.

Financial Responsibility = choices + ability

The ability to make the correct choices.  And the ability to implement those choices.

Put this all together:

Aim + knowledge + choices + ability = Independence

So, there we have it!
Finance and Fury will be focusing on helping you define your aims, and increase your knowledge and ability so you can make the best financial choices.

The education provided by this podcast will only take you so far. Though it will help with your understanding, to complete the equation we need to help you increase your ability.

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