Welcome to Finance and Fury, the Say What Wednesday edition. This episode is all about answering the question – “What is going on with the US election?”

  1. You might think that there is a simple answer – that Biden is the president elect – hard to think he isn’t when we have the media calling him that so it must be true, right?
  2. Well he isn’t – to be clear – Biden has won nothing at this stage – whilst he has been called president elect by the MSM – and the associated press has called the election for Biden – this is rather deceitful – it isn’t up to them to call
    1. At this stage – unless a candidate concedes – the election remains in play until December 14thwhen states cast their electoral college votes and each secretary of state certifies that the vote is valid – all of this could end up at the Supreme court to decide – if this happens Trump has a decent chance of winning
    2. but until they weigh in – there should have been no official declaration of the election results –
  3. Again – whilst the media has called it – it is not up to them – but the media is trying to get it into people’s mind that biden is the president elect – even though he isn’t
    1. Biden even gave a press conference in front of a sign of the Office of the President elect – this office doesn’t exist – his PR team must have printed it out –
  4. So to recap – unless Trump concedes between now and mid-December – which isn’t likely – Biden hasn’t won anything, no matter what the media tells you

So with this in mind – lets take a step back and assess what has occurred with this election and how it may play out from here – based around the legal standings and not just the media’s spin

  1. Because based around the presidents that exists due to previous dodgy elections – and there have been many – regardless of what you might be told – it is highly possible that Trump will end up winning the 2020 Presidential election
  2. At the moment – the MSM is trying to get people to ignore the voting irregularities not only with this election but past elections in the US –
  3. There have been few times in the past where an election has swung in the opposite direction from where the media has officiated –
    1. election of Truman was one – in 1948 Chicago Tribune ran a headline that Dewey Defeats Truman – which turned out to be not the case once the election was decided –
    2. as well as the 2000 election between Bush and Gore – where votes in Florida were thrown out due to them not meeting the legal requirements – which flipped the state and Bush turned out to win – as well as many cases in the US gilded age
  4. So what is going on with the 2020 election – First it is important to know how the US election system works –
    1. It is based on the Electoral College – not a popular vote –
    2. The Electoral College is the group of presidential electors required by the Constitution to form every four years for the sole purpose of electing the president
      1. Each state appoints electors according to its legislature, equal in number to its congressional delegation – where each state has a different number of electoral votes – Georgia has 16 votes, PA has 20, Texas has 38, CA has 55 – in total there are 538 electors and to get an absolute majority – 270 or more electoral votes are needed
    3. Why does this matter? Well – Biden is 20 votes above the majority – but the results of 6 states are currently in question – Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Arizona – where the margins are very close and some irregularities have occurred – this is 79 votes in total –
  5. What are the claims – that voter fraud occurred – but this doesn’t exist – but election fraud does – every election likely has some element of fraud to it or at the very least – glitch related
    1. The Heritage foundation has 1,298 proven cases of election fraud – with 1,121 individuals being criminally convicted, with the rest being convicted in civil court –
    2. There may have been fraud that occurred this election – but at the very least there are irregularities – despite what the media is saying – many have been proven
  6. Lets go back – on the night of the election – Trump was ahead by what appeared to be an insurmountable amount in Michigan and Pennsylvania – 8 points or hundreds of thousands of votes, was up by more than 600k votes in PA in a state with 6m total votes with 85% of the votes counted – he also had a massive position across Georgia, Wisconsin – again – what would be considered enough to be called – as many other states with that margin had been called for Biden – like WA, NY, CA ,etc.
  7. Then overnight – when the poll counting was meant to be closed – the gaps all of a sudden disappeared and by the end of the next day of counting – these states had flipped –
    1. This alone is a possibility – mail voting results did favour Biden – but in the states with the strictest vote counting requirements – especially when it comes to mail in ballots – like Florida – which had Biden slightly wining – ended up being off by 4 points of 400k votes
    2. So this turn in the results did raise some eyebrows –
  8. Election integrity is important – we will go through a summary of the claims soon – but I would think that if an election’s results are in question then this should be taken seriously –
    1. There are recounts and audits in states that account for 79 votes – to determine if votes that were received after the election deadline were counted as well as verify the results –
      1. underway in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Arizona – Any one of those states could see Biden end up losing – if he loses even 10,000 votes in some of these states due to some technicality – like the ballots arriving after the deadline – Trump could be declared the winner
    2. The BBC did a good article about “Vote Rigging: How to spot the tell-tale signs” back in 2016 –
      1. These include- there are too many votes, you have a high turnout in specific areas, large numbers of invalid votes, results that don’t match, delays in announcing results – keep these in mind as we go through the irregularities that exist –

As there are many irregulates – too many to run through in detail but I will give the overview –

Many oddities – hundreds of signed affidavits across these states – republican poll watchers were turned away from viewing the electoral process – where each side and an independent is allowed to view the counting of ballots – however they were turned away once the next day counting of votes started across the country

  1. In Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia, poll workers were caught on video expelling poll watchers despite knowledge of a court order preventing them from doing so – this is part of the lawsuit filed – because this raises the obvious question — why don’t they want anyone watching them? They boarded up the windows from letting anyone see in – and even after the courts then ruled that this was illegal – they did let the poll watchers back in – but they were only allowed 6 feet from the poll tables positions – so they moved the voting back 10 feet – it does sound suspicious –
  2. There were also a number of dead people apparently voting – similar to what happened in the Nixon election – these were enough to change anything – but a lot of these dead people passed away weeks if not years before they would have received their ballot
  1. Dominion voting system – either through software glitches or through human interference – 6,000 votes were flipped from Trump to Biden in one county in Michigan – this is true and has been verified
    1. Under state laws – Michigan and the other states that flipped from Trump to Biden don’t have any regulations that forces individuals to look at the computer tabulations compared to the paper ballots that they came from for verification purposes –
      1. Now – 6,000 votes might not sound like a lot – and you are right – when compared to the popular vote – but this repeated in two or three counties could flip one state – adding 10-20 votes to one candidate – that is where there are razor thin margins in some of these states
    2. Also – in one county in Wisconsin – 19,500 votes were switched from Trump to Biden in another so-called glitch -Then there is another similar “glitch” in Georgiathat saw an unspecified number of votes go to Biden that were once again meant for Trump
      1. Can you see the pattern here? These could have all been mistakes or technical difficulties – however every glitch seems to be going towards the Biden camp – because as it stands – I haven’t been able to find one report of a glitch going in the opposite direction
    3. Votes counted and turnouts – This election saw the highest number of votes in US history – Biden got more votes than Obama – this is a little surprising – but it can be explained by the hate for Donald Trump when compared to the support for Biden – as that was hard to see anywhere
      1. However – there are some irregularities between historical turn outs in some certain swing states that ended up turning Biden – One example of this is 90% turnout in the State of Wisconsin – which would not only be the highest level of turnout in American history
        1. In comparison – this was close to the 92% average that we get in Australia where voting is mandatory
        2. The interesting thing is that voter turnout has historically been 60% in this state
  • Wisconsin isn’t alone –
  1. Compare this turnout to Cleveland in Ohio, a culturally comparable city but with much stricter rules in counting votes – this had a 51%
    1. This is an important city to draw a contrast with Milwaukee in Wisconsin – which saw an 84% voter turnout – because both are a Democratic stronghold, have similar demographics – the only major differences are the legislation and enforcement for counting votes –
    2. Ohio has historically been the king maker of the US – no president has won the election without Ohio in 14 elections, dating back to 1960 – where there was again a lot of irregularities between Nixon and JFK – however biden bucked this trend in 2020
  2. Because when you look at other swing states – like Ohio or Florida that are contested were in line with their historical voter turn outs around 45% and 77% respectively (2% more than in 2016, or 2008) – But not 30% more than the historical average in turnout that was seen in the states that flipped to Biden over the days following the election – which does seems statistically improbable
    1. In addition – A broad study conducted by Judicial Watchfound that 353 counties across 29 states had turnout exceeding 100 percent of registered voters. Eight of these had turnout exceeding 100 percent across the entire state: Colorado, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Vermont – all blue – this can be explained by people moving and not updating their addresses – however it is still a large gap to make up
    2. This study was limited to 37 states publishing their voter registration data. This means that, of the 37 states that Judicial Watch had access to, 78 percent of them had turnout exceeding 100 percent. 
  3. Discrepancies between votes for the senate, house and the president –
    1. Normally about the same – however – there is some suspicion based around the number of comparative Biden-only ballots – Unlike here – in the US they vote for all levels of Government in the election – house, senate and the president
      1. In this election – Tens or hundreds of thousands of voters marked their ballots onlyfor Joe Biden – not it is not unusual for people to take an outsized interest in the Presidential election – this occurs in most elections across all states – where the president gets more votes than say a senate cantate – however – what is unusual is the magnitude and in which states this applied – 450,000 people only voted for Biden with no other votes to other party members in a handful of swing states
      2. Let’s look at Georgia – In Georgia, there was only a difference of 818 votes between Trump and down ticket Senate races – historically in line with the margins – however – Biden received over 95,000 more votes than the Dems Senate candidate on the ballot
        1. deep red states like Wyoming did not see a massive number of Biden-only ballots – were a mere 725 more votes for Biden than the Democratic Senate candidate in the state
      3. In total – there are five states with very abnormal levels of Biden-only voting – Pennsylvania at 98,000, Georgia with 95,000, Arizona with 43,000, Michigan with 115,000 and Wisconsin 63,000
      4. Where this gets even more interesting is when comparing this to the Senate and House results – It just seems weird that republicans won seats off the Dems in the house and likely kept a majority in the senate – but yet lost the presidency
        1. Republicans won 28 out of 29 competitive House races and flipped three state legislatures, but were somehow unable to win the presidency –
        2. To put this into context – apparently Joe Biden receive more votes than Barack Obama – who had a clean sweep of both house and senate in 2008 – but Biden was unable to flip a single state legislature and the Dems lost seats in the house and failed to get the predicted majority in the Senate
      5. Late Mail in ballots being counted (technically illegally against state laws) – after the deadline of 8pm on November 3rd
        1. Claims and witnesses and as well videos of late mail in being received – whistle blowers from USPS saying they were order to take all ballot in – even if they were received the next day – this goes against what is allowed
          1. This is all here say – so to be taken with a grain of salt – but it could confirm the vote count irregularities
        2. However – the US Supreme Court’s Justice Alito passed an order that the State of Pennsylvania to segregate any ballots that arrived after 8PM on election night – of which there were 10s of thousands – so this could easily flip the state back to Trump – as it did with Bush in 2000 – if it does – Biden has a bare minimum of 270 – so if one more state flips back – then Trump wins
      6. Lets go back to the BBC article about the tell tale signs of a rigged election – there are too many votes (check), you have a high turnout in specific areas (check), large numbers of invalid votes (based on the computer glitches), results that don’t match (check – based around the senate, house and legislative results), delays in announcing results (check – didn’t call the states trump was ahead in for days) – so based around the BBC in 2016 – there are some signs that the election was rigged – but I guess this only relates to African nations – as now they turn a blind eye
      7. I bet that you probably haven’t head of any of this – there has been some massive suppression of claims of election fraud –
        1. Go back to 2016 – claims were made openly that Trump stole the election – he was a Russian asset – and that the Russians were somehow voting in the election – this was fine to report on at length
        2. But this time around – even though there are some irregularities which should be questioned – be it just computer glitches – or electoral fraud – this time around you cannot question it – if you do you are a conspiracy theorist and you get blocked on Twitter – even though Trump being a Putin puppet was a massive conspiracy the media perpetuated on the people of the world for over 3 years – where a lot of people still believe this

In summary – Trumps still has a chance to win – It is a possibility – might be small now – but the media is setting up the narrative – that if he wins it will be a coup

  1. Regardless – things are going to get messy – Either Biden wins – or trump wins – but either way 50% of the US population won’t accept the results –
    1. This is bad – as it is the breaking of the country further – it was already divided – people may blame trump for this – but who gives him the image that he has? He doesn’t do a great job himself – but remember – he isn’t a life long politician – he has been a businessman in the services industry his whole life – from hotels, apartments, golf courses, restaurants – all about providing a service and selling these services – he is a braggart – and speaks in platitudes – which is where his lies come from
    2. But since when did personality matter for the outcome of the people? As long as a leader creates a good outcome – does it matter he hits twitter at 2am spouting off some misspelt tweets – the MSM would make you believe it does
    3. He may be hated as a person – and this is understandable – but he has provided a good result for the American people – whilst at the same time being the focus point of the MSM and powerful tech monopolies to divide the population through pointing out his personality flaws
  2. But back to the election – I personally think this result may come down to the Supreme Court’s justices – which are currently 6-3 Republican to Democrat – Roberts may absolve herself – but the conservatives still hold the 5-4 majority – especially with how Joe Biden stood against Clarence Thomas – the second African American to ever be nominated to the court
  3. the ultimate arbiter in court rulings on elections favours Trump – doesn’t mean he is certainly going to win – but provided he doesn’t concede – the odds do favour him for winning a second term – will find out come December 14thwhen states cast their electoral college votes and the supreme court makes a ruling

I hope this helped to clarify things.

Thank you for listening to today’s episode. If you want to get in contact you can do so here: http://financeandfury.com.au/contact/


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